10 Sabbaths: Preamble

I typically float in Conceptual Land. I tend to hang out in Abstractville.  I also tend to set big goals. However, they too, are usually Big Picture Goals.  I want to be better at literal-ness.

[Spoiler Alert: This is basically about me trying to set a New Year’s Resolution.]


(1) I have a passion for studying, analyzing and teaching about the ancient themes of the Bible. I attempt to find the fresh of the ancient, and the ancient of the fresh. It has been quite some time, however, since I have read the Bible in its entirety.

(2) I am an active person. I like to be on the go. I like to exercise. I like to attempt to be healthy, stay in shape, etc. It has been quite some time, however, since I have done so regularly.

(3) I write a little bit. I want to write more. A lot more, actually. I have so much inside that I want to bring out.  For years I have been saying that I wanted to write a book. There are always reasons to wait. Always additional endeavors….good endeavors that postpone this for me.


Over the past few months, many of the folks in the community of faith around me have been encouraging me to write more, possible even a book….specifically related to a teaching series that I recently completed, called: The Whole Thing. This was my limited attempt to explain the narrative of the entire Bible using 6 images.

I have been slowly, occasionally following up. Once every week, or every other week, I’ll spend 30 minutes or so, typing out my thoughts…..staying in my conceptual safety zone.


It’s time to be literal. I am setting a specific, intentional goal.


Over the course of 70 days, I am going to do the following:

(1) I am going to read the entire Bible (namely The Message Remix translation, just to keep the ancient, fresh).

(2) I am going to run every day (outside or  indoor machine).

(3) I am going to write a rough draft* of a book.


This is going to take a lot of my time. I realize this.

As a husband and father who is not willing to sacrifice family time, this most likely means that I will be sacrificing rest time (I am assuming that this will be approximately 4 hours per day)…which leads to the following (which may seem like it will make the goal harder, but I am convinced is the key to success):

I am going to observe Sabbath. Therefore I will take 10 Sabbaths, which really means that I plan to do these things in 60 working days.

Six days of work**. One day of rest. Repeat 10 times.

These 70 days = January 1 through March 11, 2015

I plan to blog (some) during these days, but certainly not everyday.


*My hope that is, instead of saying that I’m casually working on a book, that at the end of the 70 days, there will be a product completed. And that product will only be an initial draft. There will obviously need to be a lot of drafts, a lot of editing, tweaking, changing, re-doing, etc. I don’t expect to complete a book in 70 days. I do expect to have a draft in 70 days.

**I intend to enjoy this work, as I tend to enjoy the work I’m called to do. I enjoy reading. I enjoy running. I enjoy writing. Work is meant to be enjoyed. And rest is meant to be enjoyed.


P.S. – There are two main reasons that I chose 70 as the number of days. First, I want to be done by early April, as I already have a commitment in early April that would end my run. Second, seven and ten are both numbers of completion and wholeness. Seven times ten is 70, which is like saying completely complete. So, it was a fun, memorable number to pick, while staying within the timeframe that I preferred.