What I Highly Value Among 'This Next Generation'

I don’t strictly divide people into specific generational categories.

(Admittedly, this is quite possibly because I am in the territory of entering into an older category).

That said, I am in awe of something in particular about this next generation.

I am not sure exactly how I want to clarify what I mean by “this next generation.”  I could dumb it down by saying ages 18-35 (which I have zoomed through and surpassed).

I suppose I am speaking about something that transcends age, though the 18-35+++ year olds seem to have it in spades.

“This next generation” is actually about this next way of being. People of all ages are becoming this.

This next generation knows how to discern authenticity very well.   

It’s amazing. It’s like the most amazing radar for………..uh……….let’s use the word:


Or, maybe,







I think you understand the radar reference.


This next generation understands that

being real is about understanding that there are no boundaries between things.


If you treat some people in ways that are inconsistent with how you treat some other people….you have created a false boundary… a wall that divides.

If you say one thing, but act in a way that doesn’t seem to match the words, false boundary.



This next generation sees right through it. They/we see right through the boundaries, because the boundaries don’t actually exist.


Authenticity is not a core value that you add to a list on a website.


The best way to make people feel like you are being real is to stop trying to make people feel like you are being real


be real.

That’s it. There is no other way. Not with this next generation.