The Purpose of a Ritual

What is the aim of the ritual?

What is the hope…the underlying goalintention?

Find the heart of the ritual.

If you get to the why of the ritual, you can actively live/flesh it out in various ways.

Find the lesson. Live it out.


Rituals are tools. And if they cease to be tools, they are empty.

But that does not mean they are empty in of themselves.


A hammer is not meaningless and useless in of itself. The hammer has a use because of the need and actions of the user. Someone is wielding the hammer. The hammer has no power over the user, but is used to accomplish something greater. Build something. Fix something. Feel something. Understand something. Learn something.


Use the ritual.


Rituals should be viewed as opportunities to remember and to build something greater, as opposed to obligations to obey.









[As with most things, my bride inspired much of these thoughts.]