The Name and 'The Name'

In the original Hebrew writings, the actual name of the Lord may have been written…possibly sounding similar to Yahweh or Yahwah.

…and yet some have held back from speaking the Name itself…

…possibly because the Name is too holy to be spoken…

…possibly because the Name is unpronounceable…


referring to the Name as “the Name.”

HaShem – the Name.


Just hearing the phrase ‘the Name’ brings to mind The Name. It's so beautiful.

Because there is only one Name that could do that to you.

There is only one Name…and it’s not about the sound that it makes. It’s not about the Hebrew language or the Greek language or the English language.


Rather, it’s about what the one Name carries. And just like with any name, it’s about Who the Name is referring to.

You hear a name, you picture a person.

With the invisibility of the Lord considered, when you hear His Name, you cannot actually picture a person (have an exact image in your mind).

Therefore, when you hear the phrase ‘The Name,’ you can think of the The One, but not necessarily His face….a reminder that we are still hoping to see Yahweh.


One day we will see Him. We will call Him by His Name. And He will call us by ours.