Forgiveness < Peace < Communion < Oneness

The order in which the Levitical Offerings are mentioned in the book of Leviticus:







The offerings were actually done in the reverse order which they are recorded in the beginning of Leviticus.

Why would this be?

At the beginning of the book of Leviticus, the burnt offering is mentioned first, and therefore considered by many to the most precious.

If the first mentioned is the most precious and last offering, it would have been because it was because the priests would have been the closest to the presence of the Lord by the final offering.


The first is the last. The last is the first. 


The order of the offerings would have been:

Trespass – an offering made unto the Lord in respect to acts of sin.

Sin – an offering made unto the Lord in respect to having hearts of sin.

Peace – an offering for the purpose of being in right standing. After forgiveness comes peace. Because broken relationships are not mended by mere forgiveness, but through the pursuit of peace.

Grain – this is the only one that didn’t involve death. After forgiveness comes peace. Then, communion. This was an actual meal offering to be with God. Not just be forgiven by God. Not just things alright between you. This one is about face-to-face-ness. Dining together.

Burnt – this is the all-consuming / totally-burned-up / everything-on-the-table / let’s-push-through-to-the-final-goal… offering. Let’s go. Let’s do this. We have gotten this close. Let’s not just be ‘ok,’ let’s not just see each other…

Let’s be one.

Let’s be intimate.

Let’s be together forever.

Leaving everything else behind.


Everything else burned away. Forever.

Burnt Offering.


Forgiveness leads to peace,

which leads to face-to-faceness,

which leads to Oneness.


God delights in rescuing us from sin,

but delights even more in bringing us to One-ness with Himself.


This teaches us the best way:


Forgiveness < Peace < Communion < Oneness