Better Than Magic.

I’m trying to think of a different word for…

the power of magic… Real magic.

I want it. I want more than that, actually.

Better than magic. 

What do you call that?

I am not talking about sorcery. I am not talking about power that would come from ourselves. I am not talking about turning to the false wisdom of mediums. I am not interested in omens, charms, or enchantments. I am not talking about dark power, false power, demonic power, satanic power, conjured power, secret arts, or any other kind of power that has to submit to the power of the One True YHVH.

I am talking about the only real magic worth experiencing. 

I don’t want the false magic that couldn’t interpret Pharaoh’s dream (Genesis 41). I want the real magic from YHVH that enabled Joseph to understand and prophetically interpret the dream.


Magic: “the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.”


In order to hope for the real, you have to be willing to give up the art of illusion.This means that there may be many times when people don’t seem to see magic.


Illusion is a trick. A magic show.


I don’t want to entertain people with a magic show. I want a life of real magic. I want to join with others and be in awe of the real. I am not interested in manufacturing an illusion for others to be in awe.


Because they don’t believe in magic,

some choose to create an illusion.

(Often times on Sundays).

Don’t do it.

Actively hope for the real.


Perhaps better words, instead of magic, could be:


-the Holy Spirit

-the glory of God

-the presence of God

-the power of the One True YHVH


These seem to be safer and healthier words to use, but they are limited in their meaning nonetheless.


Hope for… Wait for… Expect… Desire…



What other words could we use?