Words on Purpose

Words represent concepts. Words lead to the listener feeling something.

One could say that the meaning of words are closely tied to the feeling or image that is created when the words are heard.


Words affect people.


Words can help people understand concepts. And words can be obstacles that prevent people from understanding concepts.

Sometimes the speaker and listener have the same preconceived idea of the concept behind a word…but they often do not.

When the speaker and listener are in the same framework in their minds…

When they are in the same word/concept world…they can live in that world together. They can understand each other. They can speak the same language. They can be together.

However, when the word/concept world is not a shared one…it is difficult to know what words mean.


Whether you want someone to listen to you, or want to listen to someone…A true desire to love the person and understand his/her construct is the difference maker in communication.


Don’t just try to understand the words that people use. Actively attempt to understand their axioms. Be with them. Live in their world with them. Sit in their framework.  

And if you are in their world with them, you will understand their words…and therefore be thinking of the same concept/image…


Invite them into your world as well…


…and be friends.