Why Am I Writing This?

Over the past 6 months, I’ve read several books, articles, blog entries, tweets, and more.
But there is one book that I have been slowwwwwwly reading over these months.

And it’s so ironic.

the War of Art by Steven Pressfield is simple and genius. One of Pressfield’s fantastic points is that we all face this thing called Resistance that wants to stop us from creating.
Resistance can come from anywhere and will try anything to slow us down and stop us.

For me, sometimes I even think that reading is a form of Resistance to get me to not write…..and hilariously, sometimes even the War of Art stops me from writing.

And reading the War of Art has sometimes even stopped me from reading the War of Art. What I mean is this: if I finish the book (by the way, it’s a mere 165 pages…many of which have only a couple sentences), I will feel a sense of obligation to be better at being creative.

And it’s so much easier to hide behind the statement “So I’ve been reading this book….” than it is to say “OK. I finished. Now start creating.”

And this silly thought process, of course, is Resistance.

If I’m completely honest, I’m afraid that if I write as much as I say that I want to…..if I paint like I think I can……well……I’m afraid I’ll fail. And the silliest part is, I don’t even know what I mean by “fail.”

I am encouraged by something Pressfield said on page 39. Yes, just page 39. Don’t judge me. And by the way, what I’m quoting is short, and it is the entire page. It’s like Pressfield was trying to simply inspire, and create the least amount of Resistance as possible.
He says:

“Self-doubt can be an ally. This is because it serves as an indicator of aspiration. It reflects love, love of something we dream of doing, and desire, desire to do it. If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), ‘Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?’ chances are you are.
The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.”

Should you read this book that I’ve been crawling through? Maybe. It’s definitely a great book.
But you could skip it and just go ahead and create.