The Real You

You are free when you feel the most like yourself. 
And the reason that is so hard is because based on your upbringing and experiences and how people have treated you, etc…you are not even quite sure if you know who you are. You don’t know if you really know yourself.
Do you even know what things you really like to do? Foods you really like?
Not things that other people have liked that you went ahead and acquired as yours. Not the hobbies someone else had that you copied. The real you.
The things that you would love despite what ANYONE would think. Good or bad.Not things you like so people will like you. Not things you like so people won’t notlike you. Just the things you like because you like them. The things you love.



Make a list of the times that you felt like yourself. Where were you? What were you doing? Why did you feel like yourself?

They might be milestones, such as a graduation or wedding, but if you search honestly, you will find that there are unimpressive moments that become the set apart/sacred/holy times for you.

A few specific moments….and countless routine moments.