The Art of Actual Relevance

The concept/attempt of followers of Jesus to be “relevant” is a bit overcooked.  However, what remains is the need to do it the right way… with the right motivations.

It came and it went…that is, the modern American Church pathetically trying to be cool.  Definitions, reasons, and subsequently, results, were flipped upside down.  The wrong kind of kingdoms were built.  The entire way of looking at success was forgotten.

Some people followed along with excitement, possibly not realizing the destruction that was being caused. (By the way, I realize that this system is not completely over…I’m claiming that it has reached its peak and is falling).

Others decided that they wanted to be done with the system, and nobly build the proper Kingdom in small, meaningful ways.

Still others have acknowledged that the modern American Church still has the opportunity to be relevant. Actually relevant.

“Relevant” means: “Closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand.”

The matter at hand.

We are relevant when we are closely connected to the matter at hand.

What matters? Stay connected to that.

That’s relevant.