Mitzvot and the Concept of Partnering with God

Mitzvot is a Hebrew word that is most generally translated as ‘commandments.’

The foundation of this word finds its root in the image of bringing something together.

Obeying God brings us together.
Mitzvot is not about the legalistic observance of laws.
Obeying the mitzvot of God is for the sake of wholeness, oneness, together-ness with each other and with God.

He speaks an invitation to partner with Him to restore the world. The ultimate fulfillment of Creation.

It is as if the Lord speaks a clear question through His commandments.
And that question: Are you listening to me?
It is as if we speak a clear answer through our obedience.
And that answer: Yes.

When you say yes, you fulfill His commandments.

[Will you partner with me to make things right?]


[Will you listen and obey and answer my call?]


[Will you come closer?] 

Say yes.