A Theme

I love finding themes.
And although systematic thinking is not my favorite approach to teaching/writing/being, it certainly harmonizes with theme-finding.
We don’t truly exist/walk in categories. And the Most High One certainly does not.
Nevertheless we end up attempting to communicate in categories.
No two people are exactly the same in the approaches to politics, philosophy, music, etc. But we still describe ourselves in categorical ways that attempt to bring us together (and many times to unfortunately tear us apart).

You are who you are.

In no way do I think I can narrow someone down, especially the One Who made me.

But with that said, I love finding themes.
Connecting dots.
Sometimes discovering.

….because……. what we are really doing is learning
about ourselves
about each other
about Our Maker


Zooming out.
Zooming in.

Attempting to put the ineffable into words.
Which doesn’t truly happen. But we try. I try.

Let’s connect dots. Let’s intently look for themes. Categories.
Let’s articulate things that are too grand for our mouths.
And as they are released from our lips/pens/fingers, they are done so with the realization we are limited in our definitions.

What are you like?
What is He like?

Words will never be enough.